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This website is dedicated to the  Dakers/Dacre/Dacres Family History. I now know that the spelling of the name over the generations has changed, before the late 18th Century my ancestors spelt the name DACKERS or DACRE, in the early 19th Century the name then changed to Dakers. round about 1850 some of the family started using a new version of the name "Dacres" this version still exists today.

During the last ten years i have traced my Dakers/Dacre/Dacres family back to about 1730, my 5th great grandfather Thomas Dackers was born in Pelton, Durham between 1725 and 1735. He married Elizabeth Crofton 25 March 1756 in Chester le Street. Finding the Birth record and parents of Thomas will be my next major task.

My 4th great grandfather John Dacre was born in Chatershaugh a small hamlet in the near of Penshaw, Durham on the river Wear, this hamlet does not exist these days, all you can find as a reminder is the Chatershaugh bridge which crosses the river Wear on the A192. John was an Overman at Wharton Pit and he died in 1808.

My 3rd great grandfather Michael Dacre was born in 1796 at Wharton Row, Penshaw. In 1833 he is living in Great Lumley next door to his older brother Edward and owned a Joiners shop, at the same time he was a Colliery Overman, by the time of his death in 1845 he had progressed to Colliery Viewer.

My 2nd great grandfather Michael Dakers born about 1832 in Great Lumley, in 1853 he is mentioned as a Joiner, after this he had various trades, Coal Miner, Assurance Agent, Manager of Ford Colliery on the Ettal estate etc etc. Michael died in 1892 after an accident in which he fell down the stairs at home after looking too deeply into a glass.

My 1st great grandfather Thomas Dakers born 1863 in Spennymoor, by 1907 he was a master shifter at Herrington Colliery, at the time of his retirement he was Colliery Overman at the same pit. A tragic part of Thomas and his wife Isabels life must have been the early loss of their daughter Laura Annie in 1895 and three oldest sons, 1907 Francis William aged 21 accident at Herrington pit, 1921 George Albert aged 32 and 1929 Frederick Michael my Grandfather aged 39.

Other family names of interest are:  Brown - Dunn - Fairclough - Furnevel/Furnival - Hopper - Howarth - Hutton - Jeffrey -  Lambton -Lazenby - Mallaburn - Mason - Middleton - Patton - Robinson -Rodgers - Rowell - Slater - Turner - Weatherall - Weightman - Wood - Wilkes

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